Green Goal-Setting, Part 1: Personal Life

As I mentioned on Friday, today we are going to begin the process of making green goals for the coming year. No matter where you are in your journey of learning to live a more natural, sustainable lifestyle, something on the following list will work for you and your family. I have provided some tips and resources, but know that many of these items will receive more in-depth coverage in the future here on Simple Organic.
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Valentine’s Day Links and Giveaway Winner

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! What an amazing week it has been here at Simple Organic, and at all of the Simple Living blogs. We are beyond excited to see so many readers who want to be part of this community – who have already subscribed, have left comments with great questions, and have been so supportive and encouraging. Thank you. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here, so we are very grateful. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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Green Goal-Setting: An Introduction

Even though the season for making New Year’s resolutions has come to an end, it’s never too late to begin making goals. Beginning next week, we will look at green goal-setting in two different parts of our lives: personal life and home life.

Green goal-setting in our personal life includes:

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Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Choosing Safer Personal Care Products

A couple of years ago, I was still blindly slathering my body with products whose ingredients I could barely pronounce. When I learned the truth, that the FDA does not regulate the ingredients in beauty and personal care products, it rocked my world, and fueled the start of a personal revolution towards a more natural lifestyle.

Our skin, is after all the largest organ we have, so it’s a pretty good starting point for developing a healthier lifestyle. With a self-regulating industry, though, it can be difficult to know which products are actually safe. This is where the Skin Deep cosmetic safety database comes in.
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Simple Organic Launch Giveaway

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Welcome back to Simple Organic!

If this is your first time here, make sure you read yesterday’s post to learn all about Simple Organic, meet the contributors, and see what we have in store for the upcoming months. To celebrate the launch of Simple Organic and the Simple Living Media network, we have an awesome giveaway today for one lucky reader of each SLM blog. Yep, that’s right – all the following items will go to only one winner here on Simple Organic.

But be sure to check out each of the other SLM blogs to see what their prize package giveaway includes; it’s a pretty exciting collection.  Here’s what’s included in this fabulous prize package giveaway here on Simple Organic:

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