Green Goal-Setting, Part 1: Personal Life

As I mentioned on Friday, today we are going to begin the process of making green goals for the coming year. No matter where you are in your journey of learning to live a more natural, sustainable lifestyle, something on the following list will work for you and your family. I have provided some tips and resources, but know that many of these items will receive more in-depth coverage in the future here on Simple Organic.
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Green Goal-Setting: An Introduction

Even though the season for making New Year’s resolutions has come to an end, it’s never too late to begin making goals. Beginning next week, we will look at green goal-setting in two different parts of our lives: personal life and home life.

Green goal-setting in our personal life includes:

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Welcome to!

Simple Organic is all about natural, sustainable living for regular people. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably busy taking care of yourself, your family, your home, your job, your friends… There is not a lot of time left over for other things, and let’s face it – if something’s too hard or time-consuming, often we just don’t do it.

Sometimes the lingo of the green movement can be confusing and foreign: What the heck is a carbon footprint? What’s the difference between organic, local, natural, pastured, and free-range? What exactly is BPA? VOC? CSA? SPF? (OK, we probably know that one!)

But green, healthy living doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though it often feels that way. The goal of Simple Organic is just as it sounds: to make things simple. Accessible. Do-able!

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